All the new HomePod Software Version 17 features for your smart speakers

Alongside the launch of iOS 17 this week, Apple also released iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, and tvOS 17. Even though HomePod models run a tweaked version of the Apple TV operating system, Apple has finally announced all the new features available for its smart speakers with release notes for HomePod Software Version 17.

Previously, we only knew Apple was adding one feature for HomePod 2 owners, but the company had a few more additions up its sleeve as well. Here’s everything new in the latest version of the software for each HomePod model.

HomePod 2 has an exclusive feature – but not for everyone

HomePod Software Version 17 adds an exclusive feature for Apple’s second-gen smart speaker. To use it, users must have a pair of the newest HomePods combined with a new Apple TV 4K.

  • Enhance Dialogue on HomePod (2nd generation) gives you the option to hear spoken voices more clearly over background sounds when paired with Apple TV 4K.

BGR already covered this feature, showing how much it improves dialogue in TV shows and movies – and it’s a must-have feature for anyone who has this combination of devices at home.

All of Apple’s smart speakers can take advantage of these features

HomePod Software Version 17 also adds the following:

  • Siri support for AirPlay allows you to start an AirPlay session from your iPhone or iPad directly on your HomePod using just your voice so that you can play an even wider range of third-party music services on your HomePod.
  • New call controls enable you to mute or unmute a call on HomePod.

BGR will keep adding new features for Apple’s smart speakers on our tvOS 17 guide.

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