How Author Jessica Knoll Turned Ted Bundy’s Story Into Her Next Book

“This was all really available information and I thought it was just so interesting that this lore around him stood the test of time when it’s a house of cards,” explained Knoll. “It’s very easy to crumble and there’s a lot of evidence that he really wasn’t any of these things.”

What was true was the havoc Bundy wreaked on a sorority at Florida State University in 1978, when he murdered two sisters and attacked two others, as well as another student in a nearby apartment. (Bundy was later convicted and sentenced to death for the two murders.)

“When I really started thinking about it, that’s wild. This man came into this sorority house and did this to these girls and then they were expected to just keep living in that house?” Knoll questioned. “What would that have been like? For me, to imagine your reality to be shaken like that, that’s a story I feel compelled to tell.”

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