Tim Cook reveals his favorite iPhone 15 Pro Max color

With the iPhone 15 pre-orders now available, could you secure the newest iPhone? More importantly, did you choose the same color as Apple’s CEO? Tim Cook said his favorite color is Natural Titanium as he showed off his iPhone 15 Pro Max in an interview with Mr. He.

Cook was interviewed just after the iPhone 15 keynote by the content creator. In the video, Apple’s CEO says he’s very excited about the iPhone 15 new design, the performance of the A17 Pro – and the next-level games that will be available in the future – as well as the camera. He calls it “unbelievable.”

The CEO also mentioned the new Apple Watch Series 9, who is also excited about the double-tap gestures for having a carbon-neutral product and the new S9 SiP.

Asked about his favorite iPhone color, Tim Cook reveals an iPhone 15 Pro Max from its pocket in Natural Titanium. “I’m using the natural. I love it, but I tell you, it was a hard decision because the Blue really caught my eye, the White really caught my eye, and the Black really caught my eye. So, it was hard, but I eventually landed on that,” he said. Mr. He also jokes that Cook can have all four iPhones, so he can switch whenever he likes.

iPhone 15 Pro Max pre-orders slip up to November

While Tim Cook has access to any iPhone 15 Pro Max, customers are struggling to get their hands on this device, which is the most popular this year. Some configurations have slipped their delivery times to November.

In comparison, it’s still possible to secure some iPhone 15 Pro or standard iPhone 15 models for September 22. In addition, customers can try to get lucky and get an in-store iPhone next week.

While BGR has a comparison article between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the iPhone 15 Pro, you can learn more about all four models below.

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