The average online bed is designed to suit the needs of the average-sized person. This is someone who weighs around 180 pounds. If you’re of this build, you can get by on an all-foam bed, but if you’re over that weight threshold, you’ll likely prefer the support offered by a hybrid design. Conventional mattresses are designed to support around 250 pounds of weight on a nightly basis.

But what if you’re much heavier than that? You could get by on a regular online mattress, but it could degrade on you faster over time. Bigger people often need an advanced support system in their beds, and the Titan Plus mattress by Brooklyn Bedding offers precisely that. It’s also a much firmer bed that’s available for a great value online. In this review, I’ll go over everything you should know about this mattress, including who will benefit the most from it.

Brooklyn Bedding's Titan Mattress

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

First impressions

Titan is a sub-brand of Brooklyn Bedding, one of the most popular US-based online mattress brands. Shortly after I ordered it online, the bed showed up at my door tightly compressed inside a Brooklyn Bedding box. I opened it up, dumped out the contents, ripped off all the plastic and watched as the bed began to inflate.

The mattress expanded to its true form quickly, but I still gave it some time to lay on my foundation and off-gas because there was a slight odor at first. After a couple of resting hours, though, the bed was ready to be tested.

With a name like Titan, I anticipated this bed would be pretty firm, and it certainly didn’t disappoint in this regard. Out of the hundreds of online beds we’ve tested out so far at CNET, the Titan Plus mattress is be one of the firmest. It’s almost like lying on a big wooden board — it’s super firm. It’s even difficult to press into the mattress because you feel so much resistance.

I definitely felt the advanced support system of this bed right away, but since I’m a bit heavier, I sunk into it enough to feel some of the comfort elements on top. If you’re a petite side sleeper, you’re probably running away screaming in terror by now, but this bed isn’t designed for those sleeper types. It’s specifically designed for heavier folks who want a firmer style of hybrid mattress.

Video: Titan Plus mattress review

Titan Plus mattress firmness and feel

What does the Titan Plus feel like?

This mattress has a firm neutral-foam feel. Even though it has memory foam near the top, the more responsive coil unit below helps balance out that sink-in feel you’d otherwise get. It feels like a neutral hybrid bed with lots of pushback and resistance.

Oftentimes, getting a bed with a neutral foam feel is always a safe way to go if you don’t know what type of feel you prefer in a mattress. Neutral beds usually cover most of your bases when it comes to general comfort. Since this mattress is particularly firm, though, we don’t think it’ll be right for everyone firmness-wise.

How firm is the Titan Plus mattress?

This is a truly firm bed. I’d place this mattress right around a proper firm on CNET’s scale. Keep in mind that we rank firmness based on the average-sized person. Since heavier people sink into beds more and usually find them to be softer, it could feel closer to a medium-firm for those body types. Due to its much firmer profile, however, I can only recommend it for strict back or stomach sleepers looking for a much firmer bed with tons of support.

On a personal note, my friend Jake sleeps on this bed. He’s a heavier back sleeper who wanted something on the firm side. He says it was a bit too firm for his liking at first. But all beds soften up the more you use them, and your body usually needs time to adjust to the new mattress. After allowing his body to adapt to the new sleeping surface, he now loves it and always talks about how perfect it is for his sleeping preferences.

Titan Mattress construction Titan Mattress construction

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Titan Plus mattress construction

If you take a closer look inside the Titan Plus mattress, you can see what makes up its ultrasupportive design. It’s just over 11 inches thick, an average hybrid bed’s height, and comprised of the following materials:

1. It starts off with a thin base layer of support foam, which acts as the foundation for everything else to rest on. 
2. Above that base layer is the bed’s primary support system of 6-inch pocketed coils. These are individually siloed springs that are made of 100% steel. The brand calls these springs its TitanCore coils, and there are 961 of them in this bed to be exact.
3. Then, you have a layer of TitanFlex foam, which is a soft comfort foam. This serves as a transition layer between the support coils and the top comfort elements.
4. On top, the bed has some gel memory foam quilted into its cover. You can also buy the bed with an optional cooling cover, but it will cost you a bit extra.

Titan Plus mattress performance

Motion isolation

If you sleep with a partner, this can definitely come into play. Motion isolation is how well a mattress absorbs cross-mattress movement. If you’re in a relationship with someone who tosses and turns throughout the night, you don’t want that motion to jostle you awake. On the Titan Plus, it performs fine, on par with other supportive hybrid beds of its caliber. It might not deaden as much motion as a dense memory foam option, but it’s still fine in this regard.

Edge-to-edge support

Now, when it comes to edge support or how sturdy the perimeter of a mattress is under pressure, the Titan Plus performs well. The extra-supportive coils help to strengthen the bed’s edges and fortify them under pressure. Since the bed was designed with “support” in mind, it makes sense that the bed performs well in this category.


The Titan Plus mattress is a temperature-neutral sleeping bed. There are no real active cooling elements found in the standard version of this mattress. That being said, don’t expect this bed to warm up on you either. You can spend up to get the bed with a cooling cover, which will help to cool you down at night as you rest. Even though many are advertised to sleep especially cool, most online beds sleep temperature neutral.


If you’re looking for a durable mattress, look no further. The Titan Plus mattress is one of the beds that often comes to mind when I think about mattress durability. Its steel coils are designed to support a substantial amount of weight on a nightly basis — well over 500 pounds. The average lifespan of a mattress is between seven and 10 years, but I can see this bed lasting you well past that time frame.


When you order something online and unbox it, sometimes there’s a bit of a smell. This is often the case with online mattresses that ship in a box. Don’t freak out — there’s nothing wrong with your mattress. The Titan Plus may smell kind of weird at first, but it should go away after a couple of days. Most beds need time to off-gas, and you should know that it’s a totally normal part of the online mattress experience. 

Who is the Titan Plus mattress best for?

A back sleeper on the Titan Mattress A back sleeper on the Titan Mattress

CNET’s Dillon Payne on the Titan Mattress. 

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Even though the Titan Plus is designed to be supportive, it might not be right for everyone. Not everyone is right for a hybrid bed, but let’s discuss who it will be most ideal for.

Sleeping position

The Titan Plus is right around a proper firm. This means it’ll be best for strict back or stomach sleepers. I’m a combination sleeper who rotates between different positions at night, and I find this mattress to be a bit too firm for that preference. If you’re a strict side sleeper, you might wanna look for a more pressure-relieving option unless, of course, you prefer a firm mattress for your side. 

Body type

I’d only recommend this bed for combination sleepers who are much heavier, since they’ll sink into the mattress more. If you’re a petite-sized person under 150 pounds, you’ll likely find the bed’s level of firmness and support to be overwhelming. Average-sized folks can get by on the Titan Plus just fine; it’s just going to feel quite firm.

Titan Plus mattress pricing


Size Measurements (inches) Price
Twin 38×75 inches $699
Twin XL 38×80 inches $799
Full 53×75 inches $999
Queen 60×80 inches $1,249
King 76×80 inches $1,499
Cal king 72×84 inches $1,499

One of the best things about Brooklyn Bedding is that it makes quality beds for a great price. The same is true for its Titan mattresses. Ultrasupportive hybrid beds are usually pretty expensive online. I’d say that $1,249 is a great value for a queen size bed like this, and that’s before any discounts.

Titan regularly offers nice discounts on its mattresses. These promotions tend to get even better around major holidays. Find out what Titan and other mattress brands are offering at our Best Mattress Deals page.

Trial, shipping and warranty

The Titan Plus is backed by some generous policies. The mattress will get to you with free bed-in-a-box shipping, and once it’s in your possession, you get 120 nights to try it out risk-free. During that time, you can return it for completely free as well, but you get a 10-year warranty if you decide to keep it. Make sure you’re using the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void that warranty.

The final verdict

brooklyn-bedding-titan-mattress-review-logo-2 brooklyn-bedding-titan-mattress-review-logo-2

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

To sum up this review, I’d recommend the Titan Plus to anyone who wants an ultrasupportive hybrid bed with a firm, neutral foam feel. Since it’s a truly firm bed, I see it only working best for strict back and stomach sleepers. Also, if you’re a much heavier person, the bed will support your body type.

You might like the Titan Plus mattress if:

  • You’re a strict back or stomach sleeper
  • You want a neutral-feeling bed
  • You like a firm feel
  • You weigh more than 250 pounds
  • You’re looking for a great value for a quality bed

You might not like the Casper Wave Hybrid bed if:

  • You’re strictly a side sleeper under 150 pounds
  • You prefer sleeping on all-foam mattresses
  • You prefer a softer, plush feel
  • You’re on a tight budget

Other mattresses from Titan

The Titan Plus is the brand’s entry-level option, but it also offers an upgraded version of the mattress called Titan Plus Luxe. Here’s what else you need to know about this mattress.

Titan Plus Luxe: If you’re looking for a slightly softer version of the bed that’s more appropriate for all sleeper types, this is this Titan option for you. It features a pillow-top for comfort, which softens the bed up to around a medium-firm. It also features more of a responsive memory foam feel compared to the standard Titan Plus. 

The Titan Plus Luxe has the same ultrasupportive coil unit as the Titan Plus, so it’ll also be plenty supportive for bigger body types. You can spend up to get the bed with a cooling cover, which will help draw away your bodily heat as you rest at night. Picture a pillow-top version of the Titan Plus with more of a sink-in sensation — that’s what you’re getting with the Titan Plus Luxe.

How does the Titan Plus compare to other mattresses? 

Titan Plus vs. Big Fig mattress

When comparing the Titan Plus to other supportive hybrid options like the Big Fig mattress, there are a few things to consider. One is that the Titan Plus is slightly firmer than Big Fig, which I’d place between a medium-firm and firm on CNET’s scale. If you’re looking for a firmer option between the two, Titan Plus is the way to go. The Big Fig mattress also includes a cooling element in its cover by default — you’ll have to spend up for that on the Titan Plus. Speaking of spending up, the Titan Plus is also considerably more affordable than the Big Fig.

Titan Plus vs. WinkBed Plus mattress

These beds are similar in terms of support, but there are some key differences between them. The Winkbed Plus is softer than the Titan Plus, around a medium-firm on our scale. Like the Big Fig, the WinkBed Plus has a bit more of a comfort advantage compared to the Titan Plus. The WinkBed Plus has a nice fluffy pillow-top, which gives it a good amount of cushion and pressure relief. If you’re looking for a stronger mattress warranty, the WinkBed Plus is also backed by a lifetime warranty, which is always nice to have.

Titan Plus mattress FAQs

What is so special about the Titan Plus mattress?

The Titan Plus mattress is one of the only truly firm mattresses within the online space that’s also designed to support especially heavier individuals. If you weigh upwards of 250 pounds, there are plenty of online beds that will support your body type, but none will probably be as firm as the Titan Plus. Most extra-supportive hybrid beds fall under the medium-firm range, which is fine for most sleeper types, but if you’re looking for a much firmer option, Titan Plus should fit the bill. 

Is the Titan Plus mattress flippable?

The Titan Plus mattress is not a flippable mattress. Only one side of the bed is designed to be slept on. If you are looking for a firmer flippable option from Brooklyn Bedding that’s also on the firmer side, I highly recommend checking out its Plank mattresses.

Is the Titan Plus mattress worth it?

I’d say that the Titan Plus mattress is worth it depending on your body type and sleeping preferences. Since the bed is designed to support heavier people who want a firmer bed, those are the main sleepers who will get the most out of it. If you’re more petite or average-sized, there are other options from Brooklyn Bedding that might suit you better. However, if you’re a heavier back or stomach sleeper, I could see this bed working for you, especially for the price.


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