UAW threatens to expand strike if talks don’t yield progress soon

The United Auto Workers issued a new strike deadline, threatening to expand its historic walkout against the Big Three automakers unless “serious progress” is made toward a fair agreement.

In a video posted late Monday, UAW president Shawn Fain gave General Motors, Ford and Stellantis until noon Friday, a full week after targeted strikes began at three assembly plants. The union is seeing higher wages, expanded benefits and more job protections as the industry moves toward its EV future, a transition that potentially includes further plant closures.

“We’re going to keep hitting the company where we need to, when we need to,” Fain said. “And we’re not going to keep waiting around forever while they drag this out.”

See where UAW workers are striking or temporarily laid off

Fain did not say which locals would join the strike, or where. The current walkout affects a GM facility in Wentzville, Mo; a Stellantis plant in Toledo; and a Ford plant in Fort Wayne, Mich.

About 12,700 workers are striking — a fraction of the 150,000 on UAW rosters. This marks the first time in the union’s history in which it has staged a walkout against the Big Three at the same time.

The strike, especially if it expands, could have lasting economic repercussions: UAW workers produce nearly half of the light vehicles manufactured in the United States, according to GlobalData.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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