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Logo Design

There are lots of ways to create a website mockup. It's true there is no 'best' approach, but depending on certain UI and UX designers' styles and preferences (and the design process), some will work better than others.In this article, we'll look at the pros and cons of four of the most popular options: end-to-end UX tools, mockup tools, graphic design tools, as well as coded designs that start to blur the lines between website mockups and prototypes. At the highest tier are end-to-end tools that aim to satisfy the entire workflow: mockups, prototyping, documentation, developer handoffs, and design systems. UXPin has been catering to this need since the early 2010s, but a number of other brands, such as Adobe and InVision, are now also trying to create the ‘one tool to rule them all’.So how do these tools stack up just up for mockup creation? They can tackle them without any problem – and then some. With UXPin, for example, you can create mockups with multiple states and interactions. It even mimics some features of Photoshop and Sketch by including a Pen tool.