Which Celtics stars played for the Heat and the Rockets? NBA HoopGrids answers for September 15

The latest NBA HoopGrids puzzle has been released. With the league still in the offseason, fans have had fun testing their basketball knowledge with this daily trivia quiz. The grid has become a hit, particularly among hardcore hoop fanatics, as it stretches the limits of their familiarity with players and teams.

Every day brings a new challenge, which makes the puzzles all the more interesting. Here is the latest basketball test to solve:

Clues to the September 15 NBA HoopGrids

Cell 1 – Player who had stints with the LA Clippers and Miami Heat

Cell 2 – Player who had stints with the Clippers and Houston Rockets

Cell 3 – An All-NBA player with the Clippers

Cell 4 – Player who had stints with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat

Cell 5 – Player who had stints with the Celtics and Rockets

Cell 6 – An All-NBA player with the Celtics

Cell 7 – Player with 1500+ career steals who played for the Celtics

Cell 8 – Player with 1500+ steals who played for the Rockets

Cell – 9 An All-NBA player with 1500+ career steals

Answers to the September 15 NBA HoopGrids

Lamar Odom is a popular answer in Cell 1 of the NBA HoopGrids puzzle. He played for the Miami Heat and the LA Clippers. Other options include Kirk Penny, Derek Anderson, Gary Grant and Eddie House.

The Cell 2 answers could be Montrezl Harrell, Luc Mbah a Moute, Mark Jackson and Pablo Prigioni. They all played for the Clippers and Houston Rockets.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and obvious answers to Cell 3. They were selected to an All-NBA team while playing for the LA Clippers. Bob McAdoo is an excellent option as well. He accomplished the same feat when the team was known as the Buffalo Braves.

Kelly Olynyk is one of several who played for the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Bimbo Coles, Joe Johnson, Jae Crowder and Jermaine O’Neal also had Celtics-Heat connections. They’re all suited for Cell 4.

Cell 5 of the NBA HoopGrids is where Dennis Schroder, James Posey, Marcus Morris Sr. and Von Wafer fit well. They donned the Celtics and Houston Rockets jerseys before.

Jojo White is one of many Boston Celtics players named to an All-NBA team. Bill Russell, Nate Archibald, Dave Cowens, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and John Havlicek are also options for Cell 6.

Gary Payton has 2,445 career steals and once played for the Miami Heat. He is an excellent Cell 7 answer. Shawn Marion, Rod Strickland, Andre Iguodala and Eddie Jones are alternatives here.

Charles Barkley has 1,648 career steals and played four seasons with the Houston Rockets. Cell 8 is where he fits best. Other players with 1500+ steals and who played for the Rockets include Trevor Ariza, Metta World Peace, Clyde Drexler and Russell Westbrook.

Players with 1500+ career steals and selected to at least an All-NBA team include LeBron James, John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon. Any of them fit well in Cell 9.

Here’s a look at the September 15 NBA HoopGrids:

Here's the completed September 15 NBA HoopGrids
Here’s the completed September 15 NBA HoopGrids

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