Why There’s No Easy Fix for Prince Harry and Prince William’s Bond

But just as the monarchy is persevering in its own quiet way under the stewardship of Charles and Queen Camilla, with essential assists from William and Kate, so Harry and Meghan are moving on in their neck of the woods.

Meghan signed with talent agency WME in August and, though her podcast Archetypes ended, she remains “all about empowering women and keeping the conversation going,” Carpenter said, “so there may be a new commercial venture there.” She and Harry will be “working together on future endeavors but also doing their own things that they’re passionate about. They are two individuals at the end of the day.”

But they remain “tremendously supportive” of each other’s work, Carpenter added, and “we’ll likely see the two of them coming together for projects, as well, on a consistent basis.”

And in the meantime, she said of the couple, “They’re enjoying life, and that’s nice to see.”

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